Januar 31, 2019


Among the ancient objects, jewels represent a special case.
Although they have existed for at least three millennia, we can say that their form has never substantially changed. Rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings have always preserved their form and their function, which is based on a particular system of values, which are partly material in nature and partly symbolic.

In every country and in every age of the world, jewels are similar to each other.
In fact, the great foundation on which the jewel is based, does not consist only in the value of the materials with which it is built, but on the interesting idea that there can be a transfer of value, which passes from the material to the woman who wears it. From small minimalist objects to great jewelry that become the undisputed protagonists of the look, the jewel, like the dress, tells a lot about our personality.

It is the centenarian game of fashion, a game that touches everyone.
Once upon a time the true value of a jewel was not only of a venal nature, but of an amulet, since it was believed that it could increase the health, beauty, fertility and virtue of its owner.

Therefore, a jewel as a vehicle of inner and symbolic values, not merely decorative.
What has changed today? As for all women like precious stones and metals, today we tend to give more emphasis to design and form as a valuable content, replacing gold and stones. The jewel is still an ornament that is hardly renounced, and that is indeed a fundamental factor to enrich the look of a woman. Even the symbolism has changed little, it is in fact difficult to wear a jewel that we feel a little similar to our being.

It is for this reason that we have decided to introduce the jewel in our lifestile green products. This is how the Re-circle collection was created, a line of jewelry designed and manufactured for the modern and environmentally conscious woman, who wants to show her green side, and for which environmental sustainability and the circular economy are important values show with pride, with elegance and femininity. We have seen that jewels belong to the most remote anthropological culture even before goldsmiths, and for this reason we have decided to make available to women a collection rich in history and meaning as well as a strong aesthetic allure. The grains similar to mother-of-pearl that make up the jewels in fact, are created from a recycled plastic material and 100% recyclable resulting from buttons, handles, glasses and reflective post-consumer objects.

A passion, that for ethical fashion, which is also a great challenge. A challenge to which today more and more women are taking part. And if it is true that there have never been companies without jewels, this is the right company to be part of the great change in the world of consumption, the right time to show with elegance and pride their own sustainable soul, doing good to ourselves and to the planet.