Co-branding with Regenesi

Co-branding is a valid strategy, not only to introduce sustainability into one’s business plan, but also to more effectively communicate innovative brand values and corporate identity. Regenesi made a project of this kind alongside Dainese, a market leader in motorcycling clothing.



Case study

Dainese is a market leader in high-tech protective clothing for motorcycling, winter sports and horse riding.



Dainese wanted to create an communications project aimed at transmitting the same adrenalin and excitement of the moto-GP series into everyday objects. Enter Regenesi; thanks to its expertise in crafting and manufacturing high-quality and beautiful products from post-consumer materials, the brand from Bologna was chosen to help design a new, gritty collection which was also one fo the very first Circular Economy projects entirely made in Italy.


Regenesi’s role

We worked with Dainese to style a line-up of small accessories – key chains, iPad covers, wallets – made from the used riding suits of international level MotoGP riders, showcasing both our expertise in regenerating materials as well as in quality design and production.


Value for Dainese

In addition to giving customers an exciting piece of the track (and also the joy of owning a little piece of history encapsulated in these exquisite products) Dainese demonstrated the brand’s commitment to the planet and its dedication to furthering the lifecycle of its products.

See the Dainese range here.

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