Februar 13, 2019


Valentine's Day is always a day a bit 'special, and it's nice to think of devoting this day to themselves. Yes, because Valentine's Day is not just a party for couples, but for all lovers! Thus, it can become an opportunity to express our feelings by combining romanticism with environmental sustainability. There is no reason not to celebrate it!

There are many ways to spend a Valentine's Day in the name of sustainability, cutting out consumer items that are not good for us or the planet.

The green gift ideas are truly numerous and suitable for all tastes. From a nice relaxing bath being pampered by a natural oil, to a walk in the middle of nature (even free time  is now a very precious gift!), The best way to clear your mind and feel the sense of peace that we seek so much during the frenzy of working days.
Even a romantic dinner can be perfect for you and for the planet, especially if you choose to use local and seasonal products. In the case of a romantic outing, look for restaurants that offer organic products and their own production.
To the traditional bouquets of cut flowers, choose to give or to adopt a potted plant, you will not regret it, it is equally scenographic but will last longer! There are many types, some are really simple to keep alive and will prove to be excellent allies in the home, furnishing with style and purifying the air.

So, from a holiday celebrating the love of a couple, Valentine's Day is an excellent opportunity to do something good for us and the planet. There are also green initiatives that offer a valid alternative to the usual gifts. For example Legambiente, with the contribution of Mareblu, promoted the Tartalove campaign for the symbolic adoption of a sea turtle. The proceeds will be used to support Legambiente initiatives in favor of sea turtles. You can then surprise your him or her with a tree. In fact, Treedom launched the limited edition "Che coppia" for Valentine's Day, meaning two trees to be planted to celebrate the feast of lovers, like a banana and cocoa tree, which in Cameroon can be planted in the same area of land in so that each plant contributes to the welfare of the other.

If all this is not enough, Regenesi is ready to meet your every need with regard to green gifts with a sustainable design and much sought after, to amaze yourself and your partner with a gift that is also good for the environment! Happy Valentine's Day to all!