N. 44 | Why is cheerfulness something important in a company nowadays?

Januar 28, 2021

N. 44 | Why is cheerfulness something important in a company nowadays?

The time does not help, media report that in the time of pandemic the social and psychological wellness markers are declining. However, remains every company and organization needs to work with a positive approach in this context.

Heaven helps the happy is an old proverb, to indicate that a frame of mind characterized by good humor supports the chance.
At the coffee machine, old sales directors remind us how amusing commercials sell more than sad ones. But there is more, a lot more and more profound.

In a time of deep changes on how to work; uncertainty, and the need to continuously afterthoughts on how to work; companies and people must develop a new culture of staying together. Internal social sustainability passes through different values from command to control, on which have been based and are based in many organizations.

For every one of us passing the formal bond of what the boss says (in this way we don't accept risks and don't need to compare) and passing the mere respect of rules passes through the need of assuming our responsibilities.

Widespread personal responsibility combined with values such as subjectivity, dare, and game and - obviously the one of productivity - are the central challenge of today's companies. What's next?

Our idea is that it is fundamental to rethink the organizations, undressing the frills and useless weights, reach the essence of things and leave aside the unnecessary and the futile. For us, Regenesi, there is an aesthetic coincidence in the organizational decisions and in the planning choices we make. If we want to concentrate on beauty and creativity, we should make decisions that help free energies. It means concentrating on the creativity, the beauty, and the vitality of being together.

Cheerfulness became a serious, and vital issue for each organization, and sad companies intend to fail.