N. 43 | ON VACATION FROM WHAT? The Drowned and the Saved

Dezember 30, 2020

N. 43 | ON VACATION FROM WHAT? The Drowned and the Saved

For a few years, a video of Sergio Marchionne has been circulating online where he remembered that after a few weeks since he first entered the Fiat Group, in August, he started working for the General Direction, and he did not find anybody… Everyone was on holiday. In the video - gone viral during the years - he underlined and reiterated “on vacation from what?”.

The topic, now as then, remains the same; and every company that competes in a competitive global market (and not in a “protected” market) must leave its “comfort zone” to reorganize itself, based on the customer’s expectations. The problem is how to conciliate the company's needs imposed by the competition and the personal ones to "charge the batteries''.

Regenerate, in the actual society of knowledge, is a fundamental and essential act, to preserve during the time, the own professional value. 
The sociologist De Masi on this topic talked about "creative idleness", meaning when someone can mix the pleasure of game with the duty of studying and working, up to making them as a whole, in which losing the boundaries cancels the laborious constituent of the work and the creative and utilitarian constituent of creativity originated from the pleasure of the game is been recovered. 

However, if everyone agrees on the principle that "the client is always right" and the "worker must be able to regenerate", how can we conciliate both together?
I do not think there is a valid recipe for every context, but there is a basis to follow: the equity one. Each organization (and everyone inside) must take charge of the more flexibility needed to meliorate the services. On the other side, we will have the damned, that will confront themselves with the clients, destined to be on holiday if it happens; and the saved, who live the processes without being exposed, and have the privilege of organizing themselves as they like. 

And you, what's your opinion on this?