Sustainable luxury: paradox come true

Mai 09, 2017

Regenesi design products

Sustainable luxury. This expression, that for many years seemed to be a paradox, is now a contemporary trend!
Also the high-end luxury field opens the doors to sustainability and wonders about the news needs of customers who are always more informed and aware.
Brand popularity and prestige are no more the only guarantees which the consumer needs. Environmental impact, health effects, workers and farms conditions are just some of the standards which guide costumers buying behaviors. Moreover, these elements show that brand reputation goes through sustainability!
The luxury of ostentation and superficiality is now obsolete and it is incompatible with the widespread desire for sustainability. The luxury of vanity leave room for a new kind of luxury which is sustainable, ethical, accessible and environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Luxury: Lamborghini set an example.

More and more often, luxury brand undertake sustainable projects. Lamborghini is one of these. The partnership between Regenesi and the prestigious automotive brand led to a collection of luxury accessories born from the recovery and the regeneration of materials coming from Lamborghini production lines.
This collaboration represents a meeting of two different worlds joined in the search for excellence and made in Italy to generate a new philosophy where luxury is sustainable.
A Co-branding projects in a spirit of sustainable innovation that has enriched both brands. Regenesi, that is a synonym for sustainable beauty, in this way, has added a value to a brand that is a world reference of made in Italy luxury.
A winning exchange of know-how processes, quality and competence testifying that only sustainable beauty will save the world!