A story of fashion, icons and uniqueness · Fruit bag

Oktober 03, 2018

A story of fashion, icons and uniqueness · Fruit bag

For a woman, a bag is not simply a bag.

The bag history has ancient origins, and today is still undoubtedly one of the most sought-after and loved accessories by women, able to enrich every look with a more refined allure. 

The Fruit Bag story is a very interesting one. Yes, becouse Setsu e Shinobu have been able to play with an icon, the classic shopping bag, without distorting it, but converting it into an object of desire and having fun to recreate through the texture of regenerated leather, the “touch” of the iconic paper shopping. A game even more contemporary today than it was a few years ago, when Fruit Bag came to life.

One of the master of the last century - Marcel Duchamp – he described art as “a game of men of all ages”, and today we are the protagonists of the most contemporary form of this game. A game that really appeals to both designers and the public. The rich landscape of input were we live completely envelops the concepts of originality (being at the origin of) and creation (creating something from nothing), and the visual material is no more primary, but open to creativity and reinvention.
This is the contest in which Regenesi was born, with its ethical fashion and sustainable design able to reinvent the past starting from the material, in a coherent perspective of a circular economy.

To the question: how can a fashion company produce uniqueness and meaning starting from this mass of objects that constitutes our daily life? The answer is that everything is possible, and Fruit Bag is the example.