10 things a sustainable city must have

Februar 25, 2018

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The so-called “sustainable city” is no more a utopia, but it is a reality that has already changed several urban areas and it will keep influencing our lifes and daily routine in a near future.

Which are the “must have” items for a sustainable city?

New patterns of construction, transport, use of the soil, production and egergy consumption are just fews of the elements that allowe to a city to become “smart”.

The following is a list of other factors that determine the cities’s sustainability:

1. Teleworking: coking from home may have several pro and con, but among the former there is a reduction of traffic and air pollution.
2. Vehicles with a lower enviromental impact: they are already used in several cities and in the future they are becoming the only means of tran sport used.
3. Urban orchard and green rooftop: the increase of the green areas will help to reduce the CO2 Emission.
4. Elettronic lines: they will allow to make a booking through the web and to avoid queues and waisting of time.
5. Digital payments: the possibility to execute some micro payment trough the web will make all money transactions easier
6. Cooperation among citizens and public amministrations: the dialogue and the involvement of the citizens in the public life will increase their information level and they will encrease their awarenes towards the sustainability of the cities.
7. Mobility coupons: they are incentive to encourage people to use sustainable means of tran sport.
8. Free wi-fi in the public areas: It is already happening in Rome and Milano.
9. Construction rationalization: renovation and rationalizations of the buildings.
10. Home and building automation: it involves all the automatizations proces developed for the security increasement of public and private buildings.

We can summit saying that a sustainable city is active, aware, well-governed and characterized by a smart mobility, a dynamic society and by a governance of transport that stimulate the use of the public vehicles.
In the future the cities will be able to rich the energetic efficiency. Thanks to innovations and working hard for the qualification of its own enviromental and cultural heritage will lead to the wellness of the comunity.

What stage is your city at?