N° 57 | What is Sustainability Day?

Oktober 26, 2023

N° 57 | What is Sustainability Day?

Have you ever heard of Sustainability Day? If the answer is no, it is important that you know that this year it will fall on October 26. Do you want to find out why it is celebrated? This short article is written just for you!

Fortunately, talking about sustainability nowadays is no longer a passing trend, but this concept is increasingly establishing itself as a lasting commitment in so many areas of our economy and society. For example, in the fashion world, more and more designers and brands are embracing the concept of sustainable fashion and integrating advanced practices into every single aspect of their production, from eco-friendly materials to eco-conscious packaging and fair treatment of employees.
However, this is an issue that many are still learning how to approach, which is why it is important to raise awareness by sharing our knowledge with the common goal of building an educated and responsible community.

Sustainability Day was created precisely to try to teach people the importance of taking care of the environment and what are the steps to do so. There are many ways to do your part as an individual or collectively, without necessarily having to take extraordinary actions. In order to do your part you could start by rethinking some of your daily habits. It's easy!

Here are some ideas we have written down just for you:

1 Donate your clothes instead of throwing them in the trash and try buying second-hand clothes.

2 Ride your bike to work today instead of your car (why not do it every day?).

3 Pay more attention to your water consumption.

4 Use a reusable water bottle.

5 Buy from sustainable brands, such as Regenesi. 

6 If you shop online, try to order locally.

7 Try to buy vegan accessories.

8 Save energy with a few tricks. Adopting LED bulbs is a simple example that can be applied right away and a worthwhile investment on electricity bills: they consume 75% less energy than regular ones.

9 Adjust the temperature in your home. In winter, turn on the heating in the rooms you use. In summer, keep the air conditioning non lower than 25/26°C.

10 And finally, buy less and buy better!

If you want to learn more about tricks for building a more sustainable lifestyle, you'll want to check out our blog: in the Pills of Circular Economy section we try to provide you with educational, light and useful content!

Remember: sustainability day is every day!