April 18, 2019


The woman's thought? Circular. Man’s? Linear. These are the conclusions of a 30-year study by Professor Emilia Costa of the chair of psychiatry at "La Sapienza" University in Rome.

In everyday experience we realize that female thinking prefers an analogical, circular, curvilinear, undulating mode in arranging representative contents; while male thought prefers logical, linear, sequential, angular thinking. As they say, men think one and only one thing at a time, women do not. Men follow a linear reasoning which starts from one point and leads to another, which seeks the point solution of a problem in a linear way. On the other hand women, often dealing with multiple types of work at the same time, hasve necessarily developed a thought function that brings together various components, a whole series of functions with wave-like modality: flavors, colors, models; a whole series of functions with wave mode.

''This distinction is very important because it leads to two different ways of behaving. Among other things, the relationship between men and women has a great influence because not everybody can recognize in the other the kind of different thinking which is able to lead to different behaviors. Family and couple relationships often do not work because they presuppose this kind of different thinking that is not recognized as physiological, so people can vainly feel guilty."

Obviously, the problem remains in companies too; combining communication and work methods which start from different assumptions requires the attention of managers and entrepreneurs. The management of gender diversity, with all the riches and opportunities it generates, almost intersects the issue of sustainability in the company. In companies, the theme of combining purely technical functional thinking (aimed at maximizing logical and technical ability and profit) with a thought of overall sustainability of the organization (social, environmental and economic) is a process happening but difficult to interpret. A bit like the spring diet, there is a lot of talk about it, but little is done.

In this context, Regenesi proposes itself as a partner of companies which are interested in realizing Social Responsibility projects and perceive eco-sustainability as a concrete business value. The opportunities for collaboration are different but, in our experience, those which bring greater benefits to companies are:
Co-branding - the development of products and projects in co-branding, recovery projects, style and production in the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors. Discover our co-branding initiatives
Consultancy for the circular economy - Regenesi has been dealing with the circular economy, recovery, sustainable design and ethical fashion for ten years. For this reason, it has put together a team of experts in business capable of giving concrete support to companies for every social responsibility project. Discover the circular economy
Customized products - for years we have been working together with small and large companies to build their future in the circular economy. We are able to design and produce customized products deriving from regenerated waste, transforming them into elegant design objects for workplaces, internal communication, events, fairs and corporate gifting. Discover our custom products

At this point, perhaps it is no coincidence that Regenesi, a company operating from a circular economy perspective since 2008, was born from a woman's intuition!