N.48 | Six simple tips for effective greenwashing

August 29, 2022

Greenwashing, sustainability, sustainable company

This is an ironic post; the topic is obviously a very serious one, as for 14 years Regenesi has been working every day to create culture and put sustainability into practice by creating sustainable fashion and eco-design products. Evolving towards a circular economy requires many changes, which not everyone is concretely willing to make.
We therefore give 6 simple tips to leave things as they are, pretending to change once again:

1) Start an ambitious Carbon Positivity project in the long run. Why do it today when you can do it all comfortably tomorrow?
2) Entrust Buyers and Controllers with the design of new green products; they will definitely create low-cost products without having to rethink internal processes and everything will be business as usual!
3) Promote the Communication Manager to Sustainability Manager: every action will obviously have an incredible storytelling and you will enter the world of sustainable fashion brands!
4) Always use a small percentage of regenerated material (less than 20%); you don't have to change products and processes, because nobody will ask you if 80% comes from sustainable materials!
5) Set an insignificant budget for eco-design projects; who said that to change something you have to invest psychological resources, time and money?
6) Invest first of all in the promotion and communication of eco-friendly products; you will probably have them produced by underpaid people but you will have beautiful pictures!