Juli 16, 2020


In a historical moment of strong change and need for companies evolution in every sector (but above all, in a society where time is money) let's take a step back, briefly analyzing what is today one of the most precious company resources.
If for us time is both the one that runs on the hands of the clocks and the atmospheric one, the ancient Greeks imagined it dualistically expressing it in two very distinct terms: chrónos and kairós. Chrónos is the abstract flowing time, the quantitative duration. Kairós, on the other hand, is qualitative: a specific period of time that coincides with the right moment, the good opportunity.

Making a corporate change in the right historical moment is fundamental for healthy growth, especially in the fashion and design sector, to continue to be an inspiration to an ever wider audience and to enrich the product with the tangible and intangible values that make it a real object of desire.
For this reason it is vital to know how to grasp (and even more know how to anticipate) any change quickly, adjective that require great business dynamism, without waiting long to make decisions on which one should not dwell too much with the high risk to lose appeal, and consequently, to no longer inspire the public through their own ideas.

Yes, because fashion has always been made up of ideas, which have the purpose of narrating social change through precise aesthetic codes, and which today have only one possible direction, that of sustainability. A broad concept that does not stop at the recycling of the material, but which has the ambitious goal of allowing ethical and healthy development of the whole sector.

The answer to the question that is the title of this article is yes, today it is the expectation that represents the greatest risk! The time to change has come, the time is right and the market is ready to be inspired and to draw on this new idea of ethical fashion and sustainable luxury, of timeless quality and style.
A time which we have lived for over ten years, from a pioneering idea that today boasts an enormous wealth of knowledge at the service of companies and which through the consolidated - Regenesi Method ® - provides concrete help to all companies that believe, like us, that the sustainable product will be the only one to survive in the future.