N°61 | EARTH'S DAY - April 2024

April 22, 2024

N°61 | EARTH'S DAY - April 2024

Earth Day originated in the United States in 1970, after a major accident environment. A year earlier, an explosion on an oil rig off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, caused millions of gallons of oil to spill into the sea. The date of April 22 was chosen, also recognized by the UN, and since then billions of people around the world have joined together to support sustainable environmental initiatives and sustainable environmental practices.

Each year this day aims to raise awareness and bring light to a different kind of pollution.This year, the day is dedicated to combating plastic pollution, clearly and precisely defined, similar to a mathematical equation: 60x40.
It means reducing global plastic production by 60 percent by 2040. It is an ambitious goal that starts with our daily choices, every time we we buy a produc."Our planet has a limited capacity to dispose of chemicals, andpollution, especially from plastics, is becoming increasingly widespread, pervasive and resilient. However, it is unfortunately non-biodegradable: once dispersed in the environment, it never really disappears but fragments into tiny pieces that, though invisible, continue to contaminate our surrounding food, water and air." So says Eva Alessi, coordinator of the Our Future WWF Italy Campaign.

Feeling helpless in front of this pollution that now runs so fast is normal, but just pausing for a moment on our daily actions is enough to realize that each of us can make a difference.

We believe that to ensure a sustainable future, it is essential to reduce, reuse and recycle materials. This is why we are committed to creating products that are not only aesthetically pleasing and of high quality, but also environmentally friendly. The felt from which we made the Re-Flag collection is 100 percent polyester with 96 percent recycled polyester from plastic bottles: from 30 bottles comes 1 kg of felt. Or again, the velvet used for the collection Metamorphosis and Recap is obtained by recycling post-consumer plastic bottles consumption composed of 100 percent  yarn that guarantees the absence of chemical elements in the yarn harmful to nature or humans. Making conscious purchasing is definitely one of the best gifts we can give  for the environment.

The shape of a possible and sustainable future is round:A circular economy in which we use resources sparingly and recycle indefinitely.