N. 1 | What is it and why is it so popular

Januar 20, 2017

N. 1 | What is it and why is it so popular

Until a few years ago “circular economy” had no search volume on Google, at the beginning of March 2017 the same term recorded the highest search interest, with a value of 100 on Google Trends. What happened in the meanwhile? Why it became so popular? We want to discover it with you and follow all its developments because circular economy involves environment, companies, business and us all. It’s about an economic, cultural and environmental revolution involving producers, consumers, politics and government bodies.

Circular economy: what is it?

First of all, circular economy means changing mentalities. Until today, economy has operated on take-make-dispose model, otherwise known as linear model. According to this approach each product can meet only one need and that need fulfilled, it becomes waste and then it turns into a waste disposal problem for the environment. This model has now become unsustainable for our planet, for this reason we have to change the economic model that we have used until today. It’s not a choice but a matter of time. The shift from linear economic model to circular economic one is inevitable and irreversible.

Unlike linear model, the circular approach treats waste as a resource and not as problems.The main objective of circular economy is extending product life-cycle . According to the circular model, each product, after a need satisfied, turns into another product with different functionalities without becoming waste and regaining its dignity. Reusing – recycling – reducing is the paradigm on which circular economy is based.

Circular economy: why is it so popular?

This topic is now so popular because of the measures taken by the European Union. These measures lead the switchover to a sustainable model and increase the global competitiveness of European Union. A difficult transition involving States, companies and the entire value chain of products.
Well, circular economy is where nature meets economy, an already started march that we are trying to make more comprehensible to you!