N. 53 | Beauty and sustainability in fashion: looking for the synthesis of style and ethics

August 07, 2023

Image of models on the catwalk

Fashion has traditionally been associated with concepts such as aesthetics, style and trends, and thus with the pursuit of beauty, the feeling of pleasure that can come from wearing an outfit we love.
However, the realization that it is also the fourth most polluting industry in the world has led to a growing interest in a more sustainable approach. But is it really possible to reconcile beauty with sustainability?

The concept of beauty in fashion has always been linked to the outward appearance of a garment; today, however, it represents something more and considers not only the outward form, but also the environmental, social and ethical impact of what we wear.

A key aspect of combining beauty and sustainable fashion is the use of eco-friendly alternative materials to traditional fibers, such as organic cotton, linen, bamboo, hemp, and recycled fabrics, which reduce environmental impact during the production and disposal process and often require the use of fewer natural resources than conventional materials.

Sustainable beauty in fashion also involves ethical and responsible production that values local communities and artisans, not cheap labor elsewhere in the world. This involves ensuring that workers throughout the supply chain are treated fairly, that human rights are respected, and that fair labor practices are applied.

Another aspect of sustainable beauty in fashion is the durable design of garments. Promoting garments that are well made, of quality, and have a timeless aesthetic can help reduce the cycle of fast consumption and waste. Investing in garments that last not only reduces environmental impact, but also allows you to develop a distinctive personal style. For example, making bags that exceed current trends and are of quality is definitely a practical approach that contributes to the development of virtuous environmental behavior, season after season.

Fashion can be a source of inspiration for everyone. Designers can create collections that convey emotions and ideas and stimulate imagination and fantasy. Being able to develop sustainable fashion also means imagining a different lifestyle that is respectful of people and the earth. 

Finding the balance between style and ethics in fashion is a moral and creative imperative. To call itself beauty, it should be imbued with responsibility toward the environment and toward people. We are called to shape the future of fashion, and in our work lies the possibility of creating a world where dazzling elegance is a reflection of integrity and commitment to sustainability.