Matali Crasset

Radical innovation and flexible ideas define Matali Crasset, a French designer born in 1965. Her approach to design is research-driven, questioning the obviousness of codes that control our daily lives to free ourselves from their bonds. Crasset is not merely interested in improving what already exists, she strives to formulate new logics in life. Her vast collection of work spans from crafts and electronic music, to textiles and fair trade in furniture, architecture and graphics.
Portrait of the french designer Matali Crasset
Crasset's designs recalibrate existing products for new purposes.
She graduated at Les Ateliers École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle. After spending time in Milan working for Denis Santachiara, she returned to Paris to work for Philippe Starck. Shortly after, in 1998 she set up her studio in the Parisian neighborhood of Belleville and began designing her own work.