Kaisli Kiuru

Born in 1975, Kaisli Kiuru is a Finnish designer and entrepreneur living and working in Milan, Italy. Her designs for Regenesi involve a surprising choice of materials, particularly the regenerated plastics she uses in her jewelry collection.
Portrait of the designer kaisli Kiuru
"Meeting Regenesi undoubtedly stimulated in me the idea of a collection of post-consumer jewelry with unexpected aesthetics, which seek to redefine the rules of fashion and beauty."
Kaisli studied Fashion Design in Milan and has worked with some of the city’s leading designers. Her work binds together Italian and Finnish cultural identities, her 2004 collection, for instance, combines unusual materials resulting in eclectic products with a vintage feel. Working for Regenesi is a symbol of her belief that design stems from a respect for different cultures and the freedom to create something totally new.