Denis Santachiara

Born in Reggio Emilia in 1950, Denis Santachiara is an off-the-wall designer. Known for creating pieces that straddle art and design, his creations stem from a passion for the artificial world and new technologies, while his style is further influenced by his historic industrial roots, having started his career at Fiat.
 A fun image of Italian designer Denis Santachiara looking at the camera.
"Regenesi has created the surprise that an object, once brutal, can become a beautifully designed piece; a piece that is as stylish, attractive, high quality and desirable as the original raw material."
Over the years, Denis has won many awards and collaborated with different companies while focusing on both design and furthering his research. He has taken part in many exhibitions, predominantly across Europe as well as further afield, reaching Tokyo, New York and Chicago, to name but a few. Denis has a broad scope, expanding his work into the design of interior and architectural spaces.