• Compact dimensions for a clutch bag with decidedly multifunctional intentions. The interior has two large pockets, one open and one closed, for securing everyday items, and two small pockets useful for storing smaller items. A hidden loop allows it to be conveniently hung from knobs or hooks, turning it into a functional travel beauty, or an organizer for small spaces.

    Do you want to let everyone know about your commitment to the environment?
    The maxi print indicates the number of bottles which are recovered and regenerated thanks to this product!

  • Certified PET "Global Recycled Standard" which comes from the recycling and regeneration of plastic bottles. Each kg of fabric corresponds to 30 of 1.5 liter plastic bottles and each kg of polyester raw fiber produced saves 2.5 kg of CO2, and 18.2 kw/h energy. The colored ribbons are recovered from the warehouse of a fashion brand otherwise destined for disposal. 100% recycled and recyclable.

  • Designer: Maria Silvia Pazzi.
    Size: 33 x 21 x 3 cm
    Material: "Global Recycled Standard" certified PET fabric. Born from the recycling and regeneration of plastic bottles: each kg of polyester felt corresponds to 30 1.5-liter plastic bottles.
    Contrast color ribbon closure, recovered from the stock of a fashion brand. 
    Interior equipped with two pockets, one open and one closed, two small pockets and eyelet.