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Our ambition is to transform the remnants of a consumeristic society into products of exceptional quality, timeless style and genuine aesthetic value. To make the world a better, more beautiful place.


Our story

Founded in 2008 by Maria Silvia Pazzi, Regenesi instantly made waves by being the first brand to invest 100% in the concept of sustainability and made in Italy.


Our approach

We see no dichotomy between eco-sustainability and beauty, as do an increasing number of shoppers. Our approach to achieving ethical design is twofold: we lovingly regenerate materials that have been discarded – aluminum, glass, plastic, leather, cardboard – giving them a second chance at life; and we collaborate with some of the most famous faces in international design, including Denis Santachiara, Giulio Iacchetti, Marco Ferreri, Matali Crasset, andSetsu and Shinobu Ito, to name but a few.


Our supply & distribution

Regenesi has a multi-channel presence both online and in the real world. Products can be shopped on www.regenesi.com and in pop-up shows across Europe.

All the material used for manufacturing and packaging of the products is produced by external companies to ensure correct volumes and timing of supply and to guarantee certification of material. Regenesi works with Matrec, headquartered in Ancona, a consulting company specializing in innovation and research on sustainability and circular economy that supports companies in the research for circular materials, trends, market scenarios.”


Our value proposition

Consumers at all levels are increasingly aware of the issues of sustainability and the moral and economic imperative of eco-responsibility. Regenesi has been a trailblazer in the area, cited by numerous worldwide publications such as the New York Times, Corriere della Stampa, Tedx and many more. We engage with companies, organizations and authorities around the world who share these values and seek to turn them into value-laden business assets. Be it through consultancy, co-branding, educational initiatives or partnerships, we are convinced that the future is green and it makes solid business sense to make eco-sustainability an integral part of business planning.


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