ottobre 13, 2020


Today we are talking about a topic that is dear to more and more people who are passionate about fashion and the environment, but not only. When can a bag be truly eco-sustainable?
There is a bit of confusion on the subject of eco-sustainable bags. For a long time and often still today, eco-leather is erroneously called that material that has nothing to do with real leather of animal origin, but which has very little in common with ecology. For years, even the most prestigious companies and brands have contributed to spreading incorrect information about leather and its derivatives, often leading the consumer towards unaware purchases.

Today things are changing, thanks above all to a growing ethics towards purchases, led by increasingly attentive and informed consumers. Let's clarify by giving each term the right definition:

  • Eco leather is genuine leather deriving from food waste or from the regeneration of leather that would otherwise have been destined for disposal (inventory leftovers, processing scraps, resulting from items already produced). The eco-leather is also treated with sustainable concepts and free of toxic raw materials for the environment and for humans.
  • Faux leather, on the other hand, has no animal origins. It is a synthetic material created mostly from polyurethane resins that aesthetically recalls the appearance of real leather. An often unsustainable material both in composition and in processing. Glues, thickeners, dyes and chemicals are ingredients that are anything but natural and indispensable for the creation of the finished product.

It is very important to be well informed about what you are buying, it very often happens to be faced with eco-leather bags that are nothing but plastic products. In fact, sometimes the desire not to use products of animal origin leads to the use of synthetic materials that are very difficult to dispose of. Moreover, regenerated leather products are also cruelty free as they reuse excess processing and have no direct link with the killing of the animal.


This is how Regenesi was born, from the constant search to transform waste into beauty. Thus waste becomes a precious resource to be used to produce design objects capable of lasting over time and in turn recyclable. For us, this is the true circular economy and the only one that is truly eco-sustainable for the planet.

Our main resources for the creation of eco-sustainable bags are genuine leather scraps, clothes and plastic bottles, which thanks to technology are transformed into a new material that is pleasant to the touch and sight, able to last over time and be recycled again.


The idea behind our bags is to give new life to post-consumer materials, creating unique and beautiful products. This is how our bags collections were born.

Re-Flag Bags

Re-Flag is a collection that is very close to our hearts as it deals with an essential topic, plastic. A serious problem for our society whose disposal is long, toxic and harmful even for animals.

But the raw material is not enough, that's why we called an exceptional designer, Michela Gattermayer, an established Italian fashion journalist and beloved trendsetter who has put her creativity and her background in the creation of an unconventional, bold and minimal collection at the same time.

Thus plastic is transformed into fabric and the scraps of a high-fashion warehouse become colored ribbons that give a touch of urban character to each piece in the collection. Mono material, Re-Flag is completely recycled and recyclable, Made in Italy, ecological and unisex.

  • Duffle Bag - is the perfect eco-friendly bag for work and free time, to be used during a trip or for the gym, available in the melange gray version with contrasting ribbon or in the beige version with red ribbon. For the creation of each Duffle Bag 30 plastic bottles were regenerated.
  • Tote Bag - if you are looking for a bag to use during your daily routine, from the office until the evening, Tote is the one for you. Spacious and contemporary, it derives from the regeneration of 16 plastic bottles.
  • Backpack - minimal and unconventional, it is the unisex and contemporary accessory par excellence. Resulting from the regeneration of 16 plastic bottles.
  • Shopping Bag - available in two sizes. In the maxi version the raspberry-colored fabric with red ribbon creates a color block effect, while in the medium version the turquoise fabric creates a chromatic contrast with the red ribbon that completes the bag. To create the maxi shopping 17 plastic bottles were used while to create the shopping 6 were needed.
  • Bicolor bucket bag - a day and evening bag that does not go unnoticed. Available in the bluette, turquoise and raspberry version that matches beige fabric and red ribbon. For the creation of each two-tone bucket 6 plastic bottles were regenerated.
  • Mini bucket bag - a mini bag for those who love to always carry the bare minimum. Available in turquoise with red ribbon, it comes from the regeneration of 3 plastic bottles.
  • Postal bag - the classic shoulder bag revisited in a brand new version with bright colors, bluette and red. A perfect ally for those who love to experience the city with style and comfort. Born from the regeneration of 3 plastic bottles.


Fruit Bag

The Fruit Bag collection has been part of the Regenesi family for many years, and thanks to its unconventional aesthetics, clean lines and pleasant touch it has never undergone major changes. Over the years, new colors have been added, but the timeless and minimal shape of the bag has meant that over the years it remained a much loved and completely eco-sustainable product.

Designed by the Japanese duo Setsu and Shinobu Ito, Fruit Bag recalls the classic daily shopping bag and is created using only genuine regenerated leather, made up of natural and renewable raw materials, processing leftovers from other products (mostly from the high fashion) tanned with vegetable substances, natural latex extracted from rubber plants, water, natural fats, salts and natural dyes.

Although more complicated, the process is much more environmentally friendly than the standard ones. The final result is a completely natural, non-toxic, flexible and very resistant product. Fruit Bag bags are created and processed in Italy by Italian leather craftsmen. Here is the collection:

  • Fruit Bag - the classic daily shopping bag rises in rank and becomes a real regenerated leather shopper. A precious space to have at hand what you always want with you, made even more functional and safe by the practical handles, which allow it to be used even on the shoulder. Its delicate and refined profile transforms it into an object of desire strictly 'Made in Italy'.
  • Shorty Fruit Bag - a small and colorful version of the Fruit Bag that maintains the unmistakable design. A bag in regenerated leather produced by hand by Italian artisans, Shorty Fruit Bag is characterized by a wide closure that makes it unique and safe. The handles are short to be carried by hand in an elegant way or, on request, long to be comfortable and practical during the day's commitments; the particular shape combined with the comfortable internal pocket allows it to be exceptionally roomy, practical and functional.


MSP Bags

MSP is also a collection that has been part of Regenesi for many years and that we deeply love. Simple and with classic lines, it is a daytime shopping bag dedicated to the woman who loves to stand out with class. Created with regenerated leather, wool and wood, it is offered in a gray version and is handmade in Italy by Italian leather craftsmen.

  • MSP Shopper - original and inimitable, is a shopper bag also available in the bag version, smaller but equally fascinating. Made of regenerated leather, this bag has an internal lining and a dust bag in regenerated tartan wool. The latter can also become a perfect pillow cover, a double function that is good for the environment. The maxi button closure in regenerated wood is the feature that makes it unique.
  • MSP Shopper Painted - proposed in the double shopping / bag version like the original, differs because it is embellished with hand-made graphics with particular pictorial effects that make each bag unique and unreproducible.