• This is not a simple keychain. The double leaf made of regenerated leather encloses a copper leaf with which it is possible to make an active contribution in the work designed by Luisa Bocchietto “Un alloro per Dante” in the hanging gardens of the Palazzo della Provincia of Ravenna. Participants will receive a certificate of participation accompanied by a leaf pendant, engraved with the phrase "E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle” in memory of the lived experience. The other pendant represent a star. 
    The purchase of this keychain gives you a free entrance to the Hanging Gardens and Rasponi Crypt in Ravenna worth € 2

  • These products are made entirely with recycled materials. The leather comes from genuine leather hides, collected from the fashion industry's discards. The raw materials are treated with completely bio-friendly and ecological processes, with each article using up to 90% fewer resources than if the product were made from virgin material. While the energy savings are significant, perhaps the biggest value of this circular-economy processing, is that it reduces the proliferation of wasted resources in the environment.

  • Designer: Luisa Bocchietto & Regenesi's design Factory

    Material: Regenerated leather
    Size: 3.8 x 15 cm