• An iPad3 holder is a practical accessory both at home and at work, but who said it had to be humdrum? Made of multi-colored layers of regenerated leather by Italian craftsmen, this piece contrasts straight lines with curves to create an impeccable design object. Aluminum holders fasten the iPad in place while the closure turns into a practical lectern. There are also pockets for storing pens, paper and business cards. Suitable for iPad3 and 2.

  • These products are made entirely with recycled materials: aluminium and leather. The aluminium is collected from the remnants of home appliances and demolished cars, while the leather comes from genuine leather hides, collected from the fashion industry's discards. The raw materials are treated with completely bio-friendly and ecological processes, with each article using up to 90% fewer resources than if the product were made from virgin material. While the energy savings are significant, perhaps the biggest value of this circular-economy processing, is that it reduces the proliferation of wasted resources in the environment.

  • Size: 20cm x 25cm
    Designer:  The Regenesi Design Factory 

    Energy consumption reduction from recycling - kwh/kg: 5.82
    Greenhouse gas emissions reduction from recycling - gr CO2 eq/kg: 936.39