• Alutable is a range of products made entirely of renewed and 100% renewable satin-finish aluminum. Uniting all the items in the collection, the decorative striations give the aluminum a warm, three-dimensional property that will bring light to any table. Sixteen cans have been lovingly brought back to life to create these bowls. Includes two bowls. 

  • The Alutable collection is entirely created using recycled aluminium, specifically coming from drink and food cans. Each article contains between 16 and 100 discarded cans. Aluminium is ideally suited to the recycling process as it can be melted down and re-used again and again, all while maintaining its noble properties. By this recycling process, we not only prevent the original items from being discarded in the environment but the whole process saves up to 95% of the energy that would otherwise be used during manufacture.

  • Size: 14 cm x 3.6 cm
    Designer: Denis Santachiara
    Material: Regenerated aluminium
    Energy consumption reduction from recycling - kwh/kg: 46.05
    Greenhouse gas emissions reduction from recycling - gr CO2 eq/kg: 10330