RE-CIRCLE short necklace

  • This short RE-CYCLE necklace is designed by Kaisli Kiuru. The post-modern shapes are made entirely from plastic leftovers that have been given a new lease of life.

  • Our jewellery items are 100% eco-friendly, nickel free, made from recycled and recyclable plastic material (Polymethylmetacrilate) from post-consumer articles: buttons, bag handles, eyeglasses, car warning triangles and bicycle reflectors. We take these leftover plastics and turn them into something beautiful, with every single one having a positive impact on the environment. Our Re-Circle range also includes other minor materials which are recycled, such as post-consumer antiqued copper from electrical components.

  • Size: 13cm x 27cm
    Designer: Kaisli Kiuru
    Material: Regenerated plastic and bronzed copper