The Re-Flag collection in a video by Amaranta Medri

März 04, 2021

The Re-Flag collection in a video by Amaranta Medri

To present the news of the Re-Flag collection, Regenesi bets on Ravenna's territorial nature, its origin cradle, with a video that turns on the spotlights on the beach dunes in Marina di Ravenna, that behind the lens of Amaranta Medri become a simple, yet powerful message: there is no beauty without respect, for the man and the planet. 

A presentation, a video, and a cast that sees as the main character the Regenesi Crew, from Maria Silvia Pazzi, founder and CEO, the artisans that work every day to create sustainable accessories, entirely handmade, until Michela Gattermayer, with her unmistakable style and her positive vibes charge. 

The first preview of the video it was launched on the White platform and the B2B marketplace.
The Re-Flag collection enriches itself with new colors, both ribbons and fabric, maintaining the accessories shapes that have been highly appreciated by showrooms and stores. A collection with a bold, unisex, and contemporary personality, handmade created in Italy from regenerated fabrics and completely sustainable.
"Inside the collection, there are all the principles of the circular economy. The fabric was born from plastic bottles, the ribbons come from the warehouse of a fashion brand that was sending everything to disposal, and finally, the item has a single-fabric, meaning recyclable. Once again style and fashion embrace research and eco-design" tells Maria Silvia Pazzi.