Sustainable style for summer: choose your eco-friendly bag and make a difference!

Juli 04, 2023

Two Remaind Backpacks

With summer knocking at the door, we have the opportunity to embrace a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle. One way to do this is through the choice of eco-friendly bags, which have always been an essential summer accessory for both women and men. Choosing a sustainable bag can be the result of a process that integrates several factors: the materials, who produces it, functionality and aesthetics. In this article, we will explore the main options available to us in order to make a conscious choice of the product.

An eco-friendly material with a low environmental impact is the first element on which the choice of a sustainable bag is based. We are talking, for example, about organic cotton, linen, hemp or recycled materials (from regenerated textiles or plastics), which have a lower environmental impact, as they reuse material otherwise destined for disposal. Still in terms of eco-friendly materials, it is possible to bring a bag to life through the creative reuse of old clothes that have been forgotten in the wardrobe (it is estimated that every European has 2 pairs of unused jeans in their wardrobe): by taking them apart and sewing them back together, a new upcylcing bag can be created.

The second consideration to be made for a sustainable fashion choice has to do with the question "who produces my garment?". It is essential that environmental sustainability go hand in hand with social sustainability: in the face of the hypertrophic development of fashion with very low production prices and poor quality, based on massive production in countries such as Bangladesh and India and characterised by unacceptable labour practices, a movement has developed in the West that has sought to valorise local production or production carried out by socially fragile communities (prisoners, immigrants, social cooperatives, etc.).

Model with two denim bag from the Regenerate your Jeans collection


Choosing a sustainable bag does not mean sacrificing style. On the contrary, there are many options to choose from. From tote bags made of recycled fabric, to multifunctional denim bags, to handbags made of eco-friendly materials.
Summer is the perfect time for outdoor adventures, from trips to the beach to walks in the park or romantic evenings outdoors. Sustainable bags offer the right versatility for every occasion. You can choose a large bag that holds all the essentials for a day at the beach, or a mini shoulder bag that's ideal for an elegant evening out.

Finally, it is important to reflect on the aesthetics of these products: handbags are more than just a functional accessory, they are a statement of taste and personality.
The aesthetics of a handbag can vary from elegant and sophisticated to lively and joyful, allowing everyone to express their individuality. Clean, minimalist lines can convey a sense of sophistication and modernity, while more sinuous shapes and intricate details can evoke a more romantic or vintage image.
The colour palette is another important aspect. Classic handbags often rely on neutral tones such as black, white or brown, which offer versatility and ease of pairing with different outfits. At the same time, bolder bags can feature bright colours and prints to catch the eye and add a touch of eccentricity to the overall look.
Remember that if we want to talk about sustainable fashion, it is important to choose "timeless" garments that can be worn over the years, thus decreasing the environmental impact of our choices.

We at Regenesi have combined these aspects to create our genderless Remind collection. Made from a cotton fabric obtained by regenerating clothing waste, Remind bags are our proposal for your summer. The process of transforming the fabric into yarn eliminates the dyeing process, saving thousands of litres of water. A collection of hand bags, tote bags and backpacks designed for those who want to be sustainable without sacrificing style!