August 30, 2022

Sustainable fashion, recycled bags, borsa jeans

More and more frequently, sustainability in fashion world meaning a movement that seeks to minimize the environmental impact of the industry while simultaneously promoting ethical treatment of the workers involved and seeking economic sustainability for all those involved in the production process.


The challenge is complex because, in order to reconcile all three goals, it is not enough to talk about sustainable products or environmentally sustainable materials; it is necessary to rethink as a whole the economic model that starts from the 'conception, design - according to the principles of eco design - and production and arrives at the commercial process of sale and then disposal of the product itself.

The uncaring consumer can easily run into cases of "green washing." Let us give some examples that are frequently encountered:

- products that are ostensibly environmentally sustainable (in that they are made from sustainable materials) but produced thousands of miles away (perhaps by children or underpaid people);

- products that - starting from sustainable materials - are then made in a way that makes it impossible to dispose of them;

- products-perhaps paid for very little-that we will wear a few times as they will quickly "go out of style" or wear out quickly.


For example, a denim bag can be either a recycled bag in that it is created as a clever reuse of one of our old jeans that is no longer used (and therefore destined for disposal) or conversely a fast fashion product, intended for immediate consumption and produced thousands of miles away.

There are many questions the consumer can ask, the main ones being: who produced it? Where, with what materials? How much will I be able to use it?

At Regenesi, we were born to meet the challenge of putting the circular economy at the center of fashion and design. And we interpret it every day by making products designed and made in Italy, by artisans we know one by one, with reclaimed or regenerated and regenerable materials and with a "timeless" style to maximize their use.