Oktober 06, 2022


Does it happen to you, too, that you want to leave the house free and light without having to carry around the usual Mary Poppins bag only to realize that going out without a bag makes you feel almost naked, as if something is missing? It may look like just a handbag, but it is so much more.
What if I told you that we have an alternative to the usual bulky bags? Winter 22 brings with it a fashion innovation: handbags are shrunken down, in a mignon key, and can be worn around the neck, on the wrist, or tied to the belt.
There is no need to carry the entire wardrobe, just put inside only the essentials, everything we really need by eliminating the superfluous.
Regenesi proposes for winter 2022: RE-BON. A new line of eco-sustainable bags that recalls the company's very mission: to give new life to post-consumer materials and transform them thanks to modern technologies.
The new collection includes three different models of bags made from sustainable materials:
- Crossbody: an eco-sustainable product that fits every need, useful for holding everyday essentials. Its forte? The decorative knot that allows easy adjustment and the ability to wear this accessory over the shoulder, on the shoulder or as a fanny pack.

- Maxi Pochette: an oversized clutch bag with an urban style perfect for leisure and office use. A hand bag useful for holding Pc, smartphones, pens and small items thanks to its internal pockets.

- Pochette: intermediate in size, this carry-on clutch bag is perfect for everyday use, but also as a travel bag or organizer for small spaces.

All the accessories in the Re-bon collection have a "green design" and come in two color variants: burgundy and lavender. You can choose your favorite and, most importantly, you can show everyone your green soul: the maxi print "I was ... bottles" indicates the number of plastic bottles recovered and regenerated to create the recycled fabric from which the accessory is made to remind everyone that sustainable fashion is the future for all of us and it is our job to respect the planet we live on.
Run and choose the pattern you love, the color you prefer, and show the world who you are and how you are committing to the environment!