Februar 02, 2024


As Valentine's Day, a holiday dedicated to love and sharing approaches, we are faced with the opportunity to celebrate this day without falling into the trap of excessive consumerism. In this article, we will propose some alternative ideas and practical tips on how to turn February 14 into an opportunity to show our affection without harming the planet, with a touch of eco-friendly care and devotion.

First, rather than hastily buying an insignificant gift, only to not show up empty-handed, why not opt for the so-called "experience"? Green light to all activities aimed at sharing time together: a visit to the museum, a concert, a pleasant walk; the latter, whether at the seaside or in the mountains, can be accompanied by plogging, which is the waste collection activity done during treks.

If, on the other hand, you prefer the comfort of home and the kitchen, why not get to the stove together to prepare a tasty, 0-mile recipe? The joy of sharing a cooking moment together with your loved one is an experience that goes beyond food preparation; head to your local market and select ingredients by favoring local producers, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and opt for bulk shopping. For those who prefer convenience, the PortaNatura website has recently introduced a home delivery service in some cities, using returnable glass jars. For those who prefer takeout, however, there is the Too Good To Go app that helps avoid local food waste by creating customized produce bags at discounted prices.

If your choice falls on travel instead, make it as environmentally friendly as possible. Limit your car use and favor car-sharing services with electric cars or public transportation.Whenever possible, opt for sustainable means of transportation such as a bicycle or scooter.

Finally, for those who prefer to give something material as a gift, we recommend exploring stores specializing in used, second hand and vintage items to find unique and affordable pieces. Alternatively, one can turn to sustainably made, handcrafted and functional products.

In this context, Regenesi stands out by bringing fashion and design accessories to life from scraps, through a Made in Italy design that takes care of every detail. Why not gift a bijoux made from recycled plastic of discarded buttons? Or a velvet bag made from recycled polyester? Regenesi's options are varied and available both online and in selected physical stores; not only do they reflect a commitment to sustainability, but they also offer the chance to give unique, environmentally friendly items as gifts.

Feeling uninspired? Don't worry, we've got it covered: take a look at our Re-love selection where you can browse through our favorite items on the website and find the perfect sustainable gift for the one you love.