Dezember 13, 2018


Green Christmas means giving a touch of originality and contemporaneity to an ancient party,which today sees more protagonist its consumerist part than the spiritual and family recollection for which it was born.

Every year we strive to make our Christmas as original as possible, but how can we make sure that it really is without giving up shopping mania?

The Christmas tree is the first step to give free rein to the imagination. From the trees made up of strips of wood, to those made of rosemary or entirely of paper, up to the do-it-yourself and above all natural decorations, which will conquer friends and relatives. You can in fact choose to decorate the tree using pine cones, cinnamon sticks, citrus, glitter leaves and much more. As always, nature is an ally full of interesting ideas, you just need to know how to grasp and interpret with creativity.

Over the decorations, the table and the kitchen.
If no diet can resist the lavish banquets of Christmas, eating in the company of loved ones and their friends should not be an opportunity to waste food, you can enjoy the wonderful dinner even opting for a sustainable cuisine. But how?

First of all starting from the table: we avoid using plastic dishes and glasses, and, if we have alternatives, we leave aside also the paper napkins. So let loose disposable products, let's concentrate on setting the table in compliance with environmental sustainability and good taste.

In addition to the table, the menu. In drawing up our festive menus, let's turn to seasonal products, better if you do not use zero kilometers trying to use the most sustainable alternatives of every single product, strictly Italian to reduce the emissions of air transport and possibly loose, to avoid waste and for sustainable packaging.

For Christmas gifts and for the most important decorations of your table there is Regenesi, which has always been careful not to cause any damage to the environment, producing its products only from regenerated material and rigorously from the expert hands of the best Italian craftsmen in a philosophy of green marketing and sustainable luxury.

From the elegant Alutable silver tray made up of 100 cans, to the Vimono bottle holder with its essential lines - fruit of Japanese design - made of regenerated leather, and from the Cosmo pots that take shape starting from recycled aluminum from the demolition of vehicles, up to the gifts to put under the tree more classic as a bag, a wallet or a bijoux, all strictly eco friendly.

To conclude, the idea of a Christmas in the name of sustainability and creativity is possible and not at all difficult, indeed, is the perfect time to live together a magical day and amaze your family with creativity and imagination!