Environmental sustainability as a business lever

Februar 14, 2017

Environmental sustainability as a business lever

Sustainability is a market choice for a lot of Italian companies. A lot of companies choose, more and more frequently, to associate their brand with environmental sustainability. This is not only a moral commitment but it’s a real business strategy. Sustainability investments generate benefits in terms of revenues and in terms of global competitiveness.
Success and green practice are therefore connected. The survey of Doxa Marketing Advice shows that for 7 companies out of 10 sustainability generated benefits in terms of:


• Revenues (69%)


• Competitiveness (70%)


• Reputation (82%)


What can companies do


Innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, but what can companies do to gain visibility as green company? There a lot of initiatives about that. The introduction of technologies wich have less environmental impact, the reduction in the use of virgin raw materials, sustainable packaging usage are only some of the measures they can choose. Furthermore companies can pull new resources off their industrial waste in terms of circular economy. To turn waste into news products with an ethical soul is the main talent of Regenesi, the first design and fashion industry to invest 100% in the concept of sustainability, that means the company offers an unmatched competence.