Design, innovation, circularity at Festival dei Due Mondi

Juli 19, 2018

Design, innovation, circularity at Festival dei Due Mondi

Regenesi was invited to attend the Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi, where it discussed its history to inspire others about design, innovation, and circularity. 

At Regenesi, we believe that beauty is always inside and that, even when it changes, it never leaves us, instead forming a natural cycle of beauty. This is the reason we have long been committed to stimulating reflection and discussion about subjects such as the circular economy, eco-design, and innovation. We therefore accepted the invitation to participate in the 61st edition of the Festival dei Due Mondi, held in Spoleto on July 12 of last year, representing a pioneering company in Italy’s green economy.

The event gave us the exciting opportunity to make contact with other Made in Italy organizations, and share thoughts, opinions, and knowledge. We were able to tell our story—which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year—and recount how we became leaders in sustainable Made in Italy luxury goods, dedicated wholeheartedly to enhancing the inherent beauty of life. We believe that coming into contact with diverse experiences, information, and cultural backgrounds is a vital factor in promoting the creation of a network of innovative companies that include environmental sustainability as a fundamental principle of their company goal.

Dialog and meetings with important institutions, such as the Associazione Disegno Industriale (Industrial Design Association), Umbria regional authorities, and the Università degli Studi di Perugia, about the issues of circularity have allowed us to place our expertise in the luxury, design, and eco-friendly fashion sectors at their disposal. This lays the groundwork for new collaborations with important public institutions on the national level, and encourages profitable co-branding with companies throughout Italy.

At Regenesi, we believe that there is already value in the Italian economy: we are only asked to recognize it and recirculate it, allowing it to develop and expand, not only to improve the planet’s well-being but also raise awareness for all Italian companies.