19.03.24 - LA TENDA MILAN

Mai 03, 2024

19.03.24 - LA TENDA MILAN

On March 19, a special event was held at La Tenda in Milan that brought together art, fashion and sustainability.
On this occasion, Regenesi wanted to highlight how the idea of beauty can coexist with the concept of sustainability, but also with the daily commitment to defending respect for differences and freedom of expression.

With the Re-spect collection, whose graphics were designed by artist and activist Gianluca Costantini ,we aim to raise everyone's awareness of the issue of Iranian women through images and slogans. In addition, the sale of these t-shirts, funded a scholarship for an Iranian student enrolled in the year academic year 2023/24 at the Polytechnic University of Turin in the Courses of Study pertaining to the Area of Engineering.

On the other hand, the Regenerate Your Jeans collection summarized the claim "From waste to beauty." Recycling and upcycling are the actions of Regenesi, what animates the creativity of Maria Silvia Pazzi - founder of the brand that with "Regenerate your jeans" chooses to create something new from what is already existing, giving it a new value or even a different function from its original one.

For the occasion and exclusively for the store, a new model was presented: the Shopping Bag. You can carry one and two of your jeans that are now unused and allow them to have new life: in 30 days from delivery, these will be transformed into a fantastic Regenesi signature Shopping Bag! Alternatively, if you do not own any unused jeans, but still want your shopper, we will take care of creating it using our stock of denim vintage.

Isn't it a loving gesture to give a second chance?

You can find us until May 30 at La Tenda boutique in Via Solferino 10, Milan.
We are waiting for you!