N. 21 | Green Promotion for corporate reputation

September 12, 2018

N. 21 | Green Promotion for corporate reputation

After various investigations on the connection between corporate reputation and sustainability, it emerged that ethical actions are a key factor for the competitive positioning of a company and for its external perception.

Philip Kotler (father of modern marketing) often emphasized the strong correlation between success and reputation, stating that the most loved companies are also the most competitive and innovative.

So, to let it know their green commitment, it’s important for companies to be effective in telling it.

Today, communication assumed a key role inside Green Marketing. Once defined the sustainable quality of the product, established a price and a distribution strategy, it is essential to convey to the public the values of the company and of the product, through a clear and impactful communication.

There are many strategies for a correct Green Promotion. For example, to reduce the air pollution, the company can use innovative commercial vehicols reducing their own emissions, or with the same focus, they can choose to work with local providers, contributing to the echonomical development of its fatherland. Other things that embrace the Green Promotion plan are the community investment and the realization of a sustainable packaging or a corporate gifting, that if conceived from a green point of view, it become an effective and concrete symbol of the company's ethical commitment.

Regenesi, offer to the companies a green corporate gifting service aimed at companies wishing to gratify their customers and / or collaborators with objects useful for the office (pen holder, card holder…) made with recycled materials: a product that allows companies to leave a tangible sign of their identity, associating it, in the memory of those who receive it, with sustainable action in the context of a circular economy.

To conclude, a communication strategy that takes form from a series of coherent eco-friendly activities is certainly an important lever for the company reputation.

It's essential, however, to remember that communication is a conclusive activity. To effectively describe one's ethical commitment is possible only if it fits into the broader scenario of a corporate culture oriented towards social responsibility as a key principle.