September 23, 2022


Every woman's handbag-whether it is a women's handbag, a sustainable handbag, a shoulder bag, or a women's travel bag-is always a point of interpenetration between the function of use and the symbolic dimension (what I want to tell about myself and what I want to represent about myself).

The handbag for a woman has been transformed from a "utility" (in which therefore mainly function of use and cost are relevant) to a personal something that represents yourself. Designer handbags become a means of repairing emotional wounds or flaunting our economic possibilities and power. The luxury handbag is therefore in danger of becoming a means of masking inner frailties rather than any kind of decompensation.

Speaking of bags with a sustainable design, it is now possible to find a thousand solutions on the market; from bags that are sustainable in terms of source material (coming from material recovery or regeneration of discarded material) to bags that are sustainable in terms of production (artisanal production, local production).

We at Regenesi have interpreted the world of women's accessories by placing a great emphasis on handbags whether agender or women's handbag. Our interpretation in a sustainable key of this fundamental women's accessory is to do eco-design always looking for 100% Italian artisanal productions; productions with regenerated or recycled materials and always recyclable and finally looking for a timeless design and therefore allowing reusability over time.

Our offerings include among others:

RE-FLAG BACKPACK: an eco-sustainable accessory that is ideal in the daily routine, it is derived from a fabric that comes from the recycling and regeneration of plastic bottles. Perfect for the most dynamic days. Roomy, comfortable to wear and with a unique and impactful aesthetic.

RE-FLAG DUFFLE Travel Bags: Metropolitan and contemporary style for the bag made from a fabric created by recycling and regenerating plastic bottles. The duffle bag, perfect for leisure, travel and sports, has an eco-chic character with strong color contrasts.

RE-FLAG MAXI Shoulder Bags: the eco-sustainable maxi-shopping bag is the perfect ally for the daily routine; made from a fabric that comes from the recycling and regeneration of plastic bottles, it is an unconventional bag with a color block aesthetic.

RE-FLAG TOTE Shoulder Bags: a comfortable, roomy and versatile eco-sustainable bag that can be used either on the shoulder or by hand, with a soft texture and pleasant to the touch, it is made from a fabric that comes from the recycling and regeneration of plastic bottles. The fabric is juxtaposed with a ribbon with a pleasant contrasting effect, recovered from the warehouse of a fashion brand.

FRUIT BAGHandbags: Glamorous and sustainable, it is produced using real leather scraps and chestnut flour for coloring. The classic everyday shopping bag is elevated in rank to become a genuine reclaimed leather shopper.

FRUIT BAG SHORTY Handbags: Small and fun, it retains the clean, essential design, is reduced in height and features short handles, perfect for carrying it by hand, or long handles for the shoulder version. At the top, a sinuously shaped strap creates a quick and practical closure.