September 27, 2022


Fashion we know is even before an important industry an anthropological phenomenon; men's accessories are no exception in fact they have been over the centuries the first vehicle of expression and communication (in less affluent eras men's clothes also had only functional values). Starting with the use of teeth in the primitives, moving on to the signet rings of the Egyptians and arriving at bags made of sustainable fabrics nowadays.

In recent years, "green design" or "eco design" or the search for materials (e.g., environmentally sustainable fabrics ), manufacturing processes (e.g., production processes close to each other and not thousands of miles away), and product distribution that allow for less environmental and social impact has begun to enter the design of men's accessories.

Men's bags in particular have become the first men's accessory used to tell their own style: allowing contemporary men to tell their own story, to tell (for example) their attention to the environment (or vice versa), their attention to style or vice versa a "manly" disregard for these aspects or - even worse - forced membership in a conformist uniform (how else to call the droves of office workers all wearing the same men's shoulder bag or the same "briefcase"?).

We at Regenesi, who have been working for over 14 years on the regeneration and recovery of materials, have decided to propose bags-along with other men's accessories-that give life to a contemporary, functional, rigorous and sustainable aesthetic. Thanks to the collaboration with international Designers and with Italian Artisans our products want to help men express their own new identity open to a rigorous aesthetic, not necessarily bound to gender and above all sustainable.

For example we propose:

Reflag Men's Tote Bag : Comfortable, roomy, and versatile this eco-sustainable bag, functions both as a shoulder or a handbag, with a soft and pleasant texture to the touch, it is made from a fabric that comes from the recycling and regeneration of plastic bottles. The fabric is combined with a ribbon with a pleasant contrasting effect, recovered from the warehouse of a fashion brand.

Men's Backpack Re-flag : The Re-Flag backpack, an eco-sustainable accessory ideal for every daily routine, derives from a fabric that comes from the recycling and regeneration of plastic bottles. Perfect for the most dynamic days. Roomy, comfortable to wear, and with a unique and impactful aesthetic. Also available for the first time in beige with contrasting burgundy ribbon.

Men's Travel Bag - Duffle Re-Flag : Metropolitan and contemporary style for the bag made with a fabric that comes from the recycling and regeneration of plastic bottles. The Duffle bag, perfect for leisure time, travel and sport, has an eco-chic character characterised by strong color contrasts.