Re-circle accessories: a touch of beauty that doesn't harm the planet

July 31, 2023

Two models wearing the bracelet and the earrings from the Re-circle collection

Summer is here and with it the chance to express your personal style more freely with sustainably designed women's accessories that reflect your respect for the environment.

Our Re-circle collection, made of eco-friendly materials, is designed for those who want to contribute to a better world without giving up on a unique and trendy look.

Each piece of Re-circle jewellery appears to be carved from white mother-of-pearl, but is actually made from sustainable materials, such as plastic from post-consumer buttons, handles, glasses and reflective objects. The chains and clasps, on the other hand, are made from recycled copper-plated brass. This league, composed of a small percentage of zinc and copper from electrical wires and cables, piping and electrical equipment components, combines the elegance of vintage design with a commitment to sustainability. 

This process reduces the use of natural resources and gives new life to materials otherwise destined for landfill: each accessory tells a story of rebirth and love for the environment.

As our claim From waste to beauty says, the challenge of Regenesi, a sustainable brand by vocation, is to transform waste materials into fine jewellery that is completely eco-friendly and nickel-free, ensuring that it can be worn safely, without damaging your skin and adding a touch of beauty to your life.

This summer, choose your favourite piece of jewellery from the four necklace models, or from the two bracelets, rigid or soft, alternatively, wear our earrings and embrace sustainable fashion. Now more than ever, help to create a better future.